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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Batana Oil from Honduras for Shiny & Fast Growing Hair

Batana oil has traditionally been used by the Miskito people in Honduras.  So, what exactly is Batana oil?  Batana oil is extracted from a nut palm tree in Honduras. Batana oil is known for promoting thick, shiny hair and it also helps repairs damaged hair. The plant where batana comes from is located in a place in Honduras called La Mosquitia.  The natives of this town are known as “Tawira” which means people of beautiful hair. 

La Mosquitia being an isolated indigenous area these natives are always working outside and being exposed to the damaging rays of the sun.  Despite this these natives from La Mosquitia Moskitia are still known for their beautiful dark, shiny, healthy hair.  Their healthy shiny hair is due to their use of batana oil. 

Batana  oil can also help cover up grays.  People who have gray hair and use batana oil have reported that their hair has gradually turned brown.  So if you love your gray mane you need to stay away from batana oil. 

What is the difference between pure batana oil and the Ojon oil?  The Ojon oil sold at stores such as Sephora only contains a small amount of batana oil.  Therefore, it is not pure batana oil. 


Why is pure batana oil so expensive?  This oil is processed by hand and it takes a lot of kernels to make enough to fill up a small container.  This product is not produced in large quantities by a machine. 


Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase batana oil? Thanks

Anonymous said...

can you email me and let me know where I can purchase Batana oil? Thanks! webartdezine@yahoo.com

Bumble Bear Crafts said...

Heart Sutra Bath and Body (look up the Facebook page)has pure Batana Oil 4 oz for $30.

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