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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Batana Oil & Shampoo from Honduras for Long Shiny Hair!!!


Batana Oil is extracted from the nut of the American palm (Elaeis oleifera) and is a smooth brown solid/paste at room temperature. Batana Oil is mainly an emollient and skin conditioner which can be incorporated into various cosmetics or used by itself to encourage healthy skin and hair growth. It has high levels of oleic and linoleic acid and lower levels of palmitic acid and other saturated fatty acids. This composition imparts properties quite similar to Olive oil.

What is batana oil good for?

Batana oil is beneficial for people with white hair. It acts like a natural dye treatment turning white hair into a brownish color after several uses. It is also great for scars and for your skin.

Batana oil is also known for encouraging thick, shiny hair and it also repairs damaged hair.


Batana Oil comes from La Moskitia, Honduras. La Moskitia is on the northeast side of Honduras on what they call the Mosquito coast. It is a underdeveloped region of tropical rain-forest and is accessed primarily by air or by boat. The population in La Moskitia includes indigenous groups such as the Miskito, the Pech, Rama, Sumo and the Tawakha.

Moskitia Women are known for having beautiful dark, shiny, healthy hair. The people from La Moskitia are in the sun working for many hours, but yet they manage to have beautiful healthy shiny hair. They do not even wear hats to protect their hair from sun damage unlike people from other tribes who do wear hats to protect themselves. Their secret is Batana Oil. People in La Moskitia consider Batana oil to be a Miracle Oil.

The Miskito Indians are referred to as "Tawira" which means People of beautiful hair.


Each tree produces from 10 to 20 very large bunches of fruit each year, from which 2 to 4 liters of raw oil can be extracted. The fruit is boiled and then pounded to remove the orange outer shell. The nuts are washed, sun-dried and cracked using a stone to release the kernel. These are cooked over a fire until the oil is extracted. Finally the hot oil is poured into glass bottles where it cools into a thick paste.


It takes about eight thousand nuts to make 3.5 cups of batana oil.

Ojon products found at stores like Ulta sell batana products but they named it Ojon instead. The people who buy the Ojon products don't really know that they only contain a very small amount of the 100% pure batana oil. So the people who buy the Ojon products are paying a lot for other ingredients and getting a small amount of the good stuff.


mabel said...

Where do you get your batana oil?

Anonymous said...

naturescrush.com has cold pressed Batana oil which takes away that "smokey" odor.

Berl Bernardo Gorgun Pineda said...

We are able to supply pure Batana oil.
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just wondering what you mean by 'white hair' do you mean white in colour or for Caucasian hair?

Maria Coreano said...

Where can I purchase pure Batana Oil products for my hair? I tried looking on the internet and am not having much luck. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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La beba said...

If anybody is looking for pure Batana, im currently selling it directly from La Moskitia, Honduras. Contact me at charlie1102@gmail.com and here's my facebook page, Thanks.


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