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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Hair Growth Journey - Week #1

new pic

This is my hair before I had a few inches cut off on June 20th. The purpose of my hair growth journey is to achieve these few inches back and achieve a few more inches than what had on this picture. I intend on promoting faster growing hair through the use of organic hair oils, scalp masssages, rosemary water, moisturizing and sealing,vitamins etc. If you follow me on my blog I will keep you posted with what I do on my hair on a weekly basis.

Hair measurement: Today June 28th, 2011 my hair is 26 inches long.

Monday June 20th

Today I had a few inches cut off from my hair.

I oiled my hair & massaged my scalp with the Rosemary & Coconut Organic Hair Oils. I left this oil on my hair for about an hour.

Then, I washed my hair with the shampoo & conditioner "Ion Smooth Solutions," which is supposed to Replenish Keratin, eliminates frizz & strengthens. It doesn't contain sodium chloride or sulfate.


Wednesday June 22

I washed my hair with the "Burt's Bees Super Shiny" shampoo & conditioner.

Then, I applied the rosemary water before I applied the "It's a 10 Leave in Plus Keratin" "Mirtha De Perales" serum and the "Golden Argan Oil."

Friday June 24

I oil my hair and massaged my scalp with the Rosemary & Coconut Organic Hair Oil. Then, I sat under the blow dryer for about 10 minutes in order for the oil to better penetrate my hair follicles.

Then, I washed my hair with the "Burt's Bees Super Shiny" shampoo & conditioner.

Finally, I applied the rosemary water and allowed it to dry on my hair.

Sunday June 26

I massaged my scalp with about 6 drops of the "Wild Hair Growth Oil"


Monday June 27

I washed my hair with the "Burt's Bees Super Shiny" shampoo & conditioner.

Then, I applied 5 drops of the "Wild Hair growth Oil" on my scalp and massaged it for a few minutes.

I added some of the Hair growth oil throughout my hair for shine.

Then, I added some of the "It's a 10 Leave in plus Keratin."
Finally, I moisutirized and sealed my ends with the "Golden Argan Oil."


LadyM said...

Hey Leni,
this blog post seems very interesting. I like to let my hair grow out too. I've never used this oil...I might give it a try see what it does for me. Anyways, good luck growing your hair

Lolit@ said...

Hello Leni,
Rosemary smells really bad :( How do you stay with it?

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