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Saturday, June 12, 2010

E.L.F Butternut Eye Makeup Look



Anonymous said...

i love this look! it's so pretty! i tried re-creating it, and i think i did a decent job haha. you kinda look like kim kardashian!
youtube username: misscrzyness333

Anonymous said...

This look is definitely my favorite! It's actually very similar to the look I wear quite often, but it's using different products. So, I might actually buy the ELF products you used in this tutorial! :]

youtube username: princessdd9585

Anonymous said...

I love this look its Natural and really just adds to how gorgeous you are and isn't to busy!
User name: Mackayleigh18

Anonymous said...

i like this look becuhs its very natural and easy looking (: You did an amazing job ! -youtube account=supermightymelo