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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty in Pink

                                                                                                pink lips

Can wearing a color make a woman feel sexy or attractive?  I believe the answer to this is definitely! Pink eye shadow is one of my favorite colors.  I like pink because for me this color symbolizes the femininity that lives in all of us girls. 

       When I think of the color pink I think of girly and playful things such as cotton candy and bubble gum.  Unlike red, which stirs up passion and seduction, pink brings to mind a different type of sexiness with some delicateness.  Believe it or not something as simple as an eye shadow color or outfit color can completely transform a woman's confidence and sex appeal.  Wearing Pink can make you feel girly, delicate, playful, and sexy all at once.  Wear pink and let yourself be soft and pink!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey it's rawr24love from youtube and I had entered your contest. I like this post because I completely agree with it. Pink is a fun, girly, color and looks good on everyone. Red is a color that basically stands out and is very eye-catching and you wouldn't think of it as fun or flirty more of a serious note. Pink can be describable in so many ways and can really complete an outfit. Red is a pretty color and it does happen to make you teeth whiter ;) but pink can really just set the look.