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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Henna & Indigo to dye hair without the harsh chemicals


For a while now I’ve been doing some research on Henna and Indigo to dye my hair.  I decided to go for it when I was looking around in the Mehandi website.  They sell 3 grams of Henna and Indigo for only $1.50 each and the main reason why I decided to give these samples a try is because their henna and Indigo is used for body art, which is not dangerous like other black henna (indigo) which contains PPD. PPD is known for causing negative reactions to your skin when used to create body art. When you order these samples you do not have to pay for shipping and handling.  So, I decided to give Henna and Indigo a try on a few strands of hair and see if it would really dye my hair black.  I followed the directions step by step as mentioned in their website and to my disappointment the strand test I did did not turn darker.  I had some reddish undertone on the top part of the hair I was dying and it did not turn black.  :  (   I was hoping to give  you all some good news about this natural way of dying your hair but it did not turn out the way I expected.  Henna and Indigo is not only used by many people to dye their hair black but Henna is also known for conditioning hair and leaving it soft, shiny and healthy. Using Henna alone will turn your hair somewhat auburn/reddish and using Indigo alone will turn  your hair a mossy green.  I am still not going to give up on the idea of using Henna and Indigo. I am simply going to keep looking online for a place with good quality henna and indigo and cheaper prices.  The prices at Mehandi are way too expensive for  me.  I think if I would’ve done it on my whole head I would’ve seen some kind of results. 



Anonymous said...

Have you tried the indigo and henna combo again? What were the results? I went to an Indian store today to purchase Jamila and Karishma henna. I'm going to harvest my hair from a brush first and get a sample. I've purchased from Mehandia before and they are expensive but you can be assured that the henna is BAQ from them. Your hair is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey! To achieve beautiful shiney black color with henna&indigo you have to dye your hair with them in 2 steps - first you put the henna on the hair and after washing it out you put the indigo. To prepare the henna, mix it with warm water until you achieve consistency of yoghurt. Then cover it with stretch foil and leave it for 3-12 hours to produce color. It's ready when the surface of the mixture has turned a bit darker and when you put little on your hand after 30 seconds it will make your skin orange. Put the ready mix on your hair and wrap it with stretch foil or put a nylon hat and then wrap with towel. Stay with the henna for 4-8 hours and then wash it. Now mix the indigo with warm water(but not too warm, beacause it won't produce color) and immediately put it on your freshly hennaed hair and wrap it with foil and towel again. Stay for 1-2 hours and wash&shampoo. I recommend you to put more conditioner than usually after you wash your hair. That's all. I'm so sorry for my bad english. I hope you could understand me. Wish you good luck.