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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pretty in Blue


The color blue is one of my favorite colors to wear.  I think blue looks great on tan skin especially if you have dark hair.  A beautiful blue color like this one will help make your beautiful tan skin and dark hair pop. 


This was at my uncle’s place.  We had a small family reunion in order to celebrate one of my cousin’s birthday.  It was nice spending some time with the family and my fiancé. 


This is my fiancé and I.  I just love to take photos of every occasion especially when I’m having a good time. 

photo 2

Red and blue is the perfect combo! Match made in heaven. =   )


                                       Michael Kors Gold Runway Watch

Although I already have the Michael Kors gold Bradshaw watch I am glad I got this one as well.  They are both gold but this Runway watch stands out more.  It is a few millimeters bigger and the band is also thicker.  Last night at the family reunion, I received two compliments about this watch.  The compliments confirmed that I made a great choice by deciding on this particular MK model. When you have this baby on your wrist you definitely know you’re wearing a big one. If you don’t like big heavy watches this might not be the watch for you. 

Below I included photos of the two gold Michael Kors watches I have so that you can compared the difference.


Michael Kors 'Bradshaw' Chronograph Bracelet Watch

Case diameter: 43mm

Band Width: 20mm

The gold of this watch is shiny all over unlike the Runway watch which is only shiny in the center of the band and around the face of the watch.


                    Michael Kors 'Large Gold Runway' Watch

Case diameter: 46mm

Band Width: 24mm

The gold of this watch is shiny in the center of the band and the outer parts of the band is a matt gold. 



                        MK5605                                                       MK8077


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