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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

::: Healthy Shiny Hair :::


In these last few weeks, I have definitely noticed my hair has been growing faster compared to my normal hair growth rate.  Since my hair has been growing faster, I have been trimming it more often.  Actually, I trimmed my ends last night because every time I cut my ends my hair seems so much healthier.  I really can not pin point what’s causing the faster hair growth.  Recently, I started taking hair vitamins again and I’ve been using more coconut oil, Emu oil and the hair growth stimulator spray.  I’ve been using other new hair products but those are the ones I haven’t stop using in the last couple of weeks. Since my hair appears healthier and longer I’ve been getting a lot more compliments about my hair and its length.  I can not wait to see how long it will be in a few more months.  My goal is not just to achieve very long hair but most importantly achieve healthy hair.  I think the health of my hair comes first  because healthy hair is always noticeable.

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