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Monday, February 25, 2013

Dress for Less at 10Dollarmall.com

1 Blazer

Pink And Grey Floral Blazer - Pink And Grey M

Sku: F7-2/126372       Size: Medium

To checkout these items at the online store visit their website at        www.10DollarMall.com

2 Blazer

3 Blazer

4 Blazer


5 blue

Black And Royal Blue Long Sleeve Top - Black/Royal Blue M

Sku: G7-84/125574     Size: Medium

6 blue

7 blue

8 blue

9 heels

Brick Glossy Heels             Sku: 15-1-74/125694

10 heels

11 heels

12 blue giraffe

Gold Giraffe Charm Necklace – Gold               

Sku: A5-98/124209

13 blue giraffe

14 yellow

Yellow Top With Brown Wooden Beads   

Sku: D3-7/125452                           Size: Medium

15 Yellow

16 Maroone

Maroon Tie Back Top                 Sku: C4-1/124883

Size: Medium

17 maroone

18 maroone turtle

Black Enamel And Rhinestones Turtle Charm Necklace – Black                              

Sku: A2-175/125458

19 brown beads

20 brown beads

Brown Top With Brown Wooden Beads   

  Sku: D5-87/126330

21 brown beads

22 brown beads

23 brown beads

24 brown beads

1 comment:

raleve jesica said...

Great Looking, these are very attractive and charming. I know sheepskin jackets are very polular in UK, I just expect to find one that is stylish and functional. Someone recommends me cwmalls.com, I will check out.