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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Hair Growth Journey–Week #2


Wednesday June 29

* I applied 5 drops of the “Wild Hair Growth Oil” and I massaged my scalp for 5 minutes. 

Thursday June 30

* I applied some of the “Wild Hair Growth Oil” all over my scalp and massaged it for a few minutes.  Then, I drenched my ends with Sweet Almond oil. Finally, I put on a plastic cap and sat under the blow dryer for 10 minutes. 

blow dryer

Then, I washed my hair with the “Ion Smooth Solutions” shampoo.  Instead of using the “Ion Smooth Solutions” conditioner I used the “One ‘n Only Argan Oil” Restorative Mask.  I left the Restorative Mask on my hair for 10 minutes. 


After I washed off the Restorative Mask I towel dried my hair and then applied some of the rosemary water rinse. 



* since I washed my hair late at night I blow dried it with the blow dryer on cold.  I did not use any heat at all. 

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Hi Lenni, I follow you and try to do same things with my hair as you, becouse your hair is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I would like to ask, where did you get the rosemary ??? I really don´t know where to buy it. :( Thanks for help.