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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday July 3


Last night I sprayed this amazing spray on my scalp. I read so many positive reviews about this product. Therefore, I am really excited about using it. Afer I sprayed it on my scalp I massaged my scalp for about 5 minutes. This hair growth spray is called "Follicle Stimulator" and it's from Healthyhairplus.com

Today I oiled my hair with the "Unscented Coconut Oil" fromm Tropical Traditions. I am now sitting under the blow dryer while I do this post in order to allow this coconut oil to penetrate my hair follicles and see better results.

In about 30 minutes I am going to wash my hair with the "Mill Creek Biotin Botanicals" shampoo & conditioner.

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nereida240 said...

I could recommend you F.A.S.T by NISIM. It's a Canadian brand, and they say that their hair growth accelerators provide 45% faster growth, but it needs to be used every single day. Improvement can be observed after 3-4 weeks. It also works with coloured hair. Unfortunately their products are rather expensive, but I'll give them a try. 1 litre of conditioner costs 150zł here, so it's sth like $56, the same is with their shampoo. Have you ever heard about these products? I've heard a lot of great opinions about them, but I am still not 100% sure if I would like to buy it (the shampoo contains SLS which my scalp doesn't like).