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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday July 6 “Aloe Vera & Hair Growth”


aloe vera

I took a piece of aloe vera and put it in the blender.  I  did enough to put all over my hair including my scalp.  Then, I put on a self heating hair cap and waited about 30 minutes before I washed it off.  Aloe vera is not only known for promoting hair growth but it also leaves your hair feeling shiny and silky. 

Next, I washed my hair with my new “Mill Creeks Biotin” Shampoo & Conditioner.  In order to grow faster healthy hair one must focus on maintaining a healthy scalp.  One way of ensuring that your scalp is healthy is by cleaning it well.  Therefore, I made sure to wash my hair with shampoo twice in order to remove an excess oil or dirt. Then, I followed with the conditioner and left it on my hair for about 5 minutes. 

Finally, before combing my hair I applied my favorite leave in conditioner called, “It’s a 10 Plus Keratin.” Then, I applied about a dime size of the “Chi Silk Infusion” hair serum. 



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