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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sfree Emu Oil Cream Rinse & Emu Oil Cleanser

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This new sulfate free Emu Oil shampoo & conditioner from Healthy Hair Plus is my new favorite hair product. Before I started using this sulfate free product I was using the other Emu Oil Shampoo & Conditioner which contains Sulfate. Although it contains Sulfate I still love the other product as well. However, now that they came out with this great product it instantly became my fav! With this Emu Oil shampoo & conditioner my hair feels silky soft and shiny like never before. Ever since I've been using Emu Oil products on my hair I've noticed how the health of my hair has improved dramaically. I notice the change on my ends which used to be dry and brittle.


This is a picture of my hair from the back so that all of you can see how much progress my hair has made in these last few months. If you look at the tip of the V you will notice that I already achieved my goal of waist length hair. Sometimes I can't even believe how fast my hair is growing. If my hair can grow this fast anyone can achieve fast growing hair too. It's just a matter of using good hair growth products and pampering your hair.




Anonymous said...

awesome hair

TonyEmuFarm said...

Tony EMU Farm-This is an important product in emu-farming. From the fat oil can be extracted. This oil gets absorbed in human skin within 4-5 seconds and reach the bones. Hence this oil is mainly used in skin ointments and also for various cosmetic products. Recent research shows that this oil serves as excellent medicine for arthritis. It is also used as a pain killer.

The fatty acids present in this oil decrease the blood-cholesterol level as per the modern research. Because of the medicinal value of this oil, western countries are capturing international markets by producting new cosmetics creams & lotions from this oil. India too has a great opportunity to enter in to international market.

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Lolit@ said...

Hello! OMG, i loved loved loved your hair!! It looks healthy, shiny. That is my dream! lol :)What type is your hair? I mean, you have a thin hair or thick hair?

I have a thin hair. When i wash my hair, it looks very well but lil bit dry at the ends. But the other day it looks unvolumed.I used many products but i think they didnt help me. I cant find your hair products cuz I live in Turkey. But i saw Emu Oil a few months ago. But i dont know how to use it? Or do u have any suggestions?

Uh huh, i talked too much :)
Thank you.