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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Colors that can make you sexy to others


It has been found that the colors you wear have an effect on how others perceive you and how attractive you come across to others. The reasoning behind this is that specific colors provoke emotions and feelings from individuals. Therefore, wearing specific colors will either attract others to you or push them away.

Red: This is the color of sex, lust and love. It is the most romantic color. It actually makes men feel more loving towards women. It brings out feelings of passion, excitement and impulsiveness. 

Black: This color will give others the impression that you are sophisticated and elegant. Black is the color of seduction, it projects an air of mystery and can make others think of sex.

In order to discover the power that colors have on yourself and others simply think of your favorite color and why you love it.  I personally have experienced the power of colors.  When I wear red and blue for some reason I feel sexier and more confident.  When I wear pink I feel more girly and innocent and when I wear black I feel more sophisticated and mysterious  I feel that how you feel with different colors depends on how a  particular color blends and brings out your skin tone and other features. 


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Mari said...

Hi! Nice blog. Do you remmeber where you've bought your red top with tiger stripes on (that you have on you in the photo)?