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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emu Oil & Hair Growth


As I mentioned in one of my other posts I have been wanting to try Emu oil for my hair.  So, I finally received some Emu oil for my hair.  Emu Oil is good for promoting faster growing hair because it contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6.  In order to notice better and faster results you should apply this oil on your scalp and massage it for a few minutes for maximum penetration.  This particular Emu oil contains 100% Emu oil and vitamin E.  It can be used on your hair and skin. 

Today I washed my  hair with the Mill Creeks Biotin Shampoo & conditioner.  Then, right after I washed my hair, I applied some rosemary water on my scalp and ends.  Finally, I applied some amla oil all over my hair and some Emu oil on my scalp  Now I am waiting for my hair to dry naturally.


Miss_Laty said...

Hi leni .. 
Am really exited to be able to leave a coment i have been
Watching your videos on youtube and i think its really nice from you to share so much you know with us.. I have seen alot of your videos on oils and this emu oil really got me .. I all ready buy it, but i have questions ; how often should i use this oil ? And for how long should i leave it on?

precious_wmo said...

Can you post a link as to where I can order this?

TonyEmuFarm said...

Tony EMU Farm-This is an important product in emu-farming. From the fat oil can be extracted. This oil gets absorbed in human skin within 4-5 seconds and reach the bones. Hence this oil is mainly used in skin ointments and also for various cosmetic products. Recent research shows that this oil serves as excellent medicine for arthritis. It is also used as a pain killer.

The fatty acids present in this oil decrease the blood-cholesterol level as per the modern research. Because of the medicinal value of this oil, western countries are capturing international markets by producting new cosmetics creams & lotions from this oil. India too has a great opportunity to enter in to international market.

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