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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Healthy Hair Growth depends on Your Hair Brush


Boar’s Bristle Brush


Yesterday, I went out and bought myself a boar bristle brush for the first time in years. I decided to buy myself a brush like the one in the picture above because I read that this type of brush helps give your hair more shine and it reduces the chance of hair breakage. Natural-bristled hair brushes like the one I bought are often made from boar's hair and tend to reduce static in the hair. The brushes with the double bristle, one long, one short can tear the hair. If you have somewhat thick hair using an all natural bristle brush can be too weak in order to detangle or just brush your hair. My hair is somewhat thick; therefore, I feel like this new brush is kind of weak for my hair, but I still use it in order to distribute the oils from my scalp to the bottom of my hair. For thicker hair like mine you can use a brush with a mixture of nylon and natural bristles.  If you have coarse, very thick hair, consider an all-nylon hairbrush, which tends to be stronger.

Find out what type of hair brush is best for your hair.

Cushion Hair Brush


The cushion hair brush is best for people with medium to long hair.  Also, this brush can be used as a daily brush in  order to massage the scalp.  The soft cushion part of this brush will avoid  hurting your scalp every time you brush your hair.  Also, these brushes tend to cushion the hair and help to prevent breakage and damage.


Paddle Hair Brush


The paddle brush is best for people with medium to long hair.  This brush can be used to straighten and smooth out the hair. 


Vent Hair Brush


This vent brush allows air to go through the holes allowing for faster blow drying.  This brush can also be used in order to add volume and detangle. 


 Wire Hair Brushes

Wire hair brushes are recommended for individuals with thick or curly hair. These types of brushes can be too harsh for individuals with thin hair. The wire hair brushes with the little plastic balls on the ends of the metal tend to be gentle enough for individuals with finer hair.


LadyM said...

I love how you reviewed all these hair brushes...I have really thin hair so I think I might want to try the boar's bristle brush. Thanks leni your blog is always useful.

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