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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black & Red

red lips 2

Color can be a very powerful tool. By wearing a certain color, you can completely change your appearance. This is all possible through the creation of optical illusions.

The general consensus seems to be that light colored shirts tend to make you look tanner. Darker colors tend to be more dramatic and harsher against the skin. Colors like chocolate brown and black can make skin look pale and washed out by comparison. 

One way of spicing it up and adding some color when wearing darks colors is by wearing a bold color on  your lips such as red. 


red lips

Red lipstick is always in style because it goes with practically every color.  Wearing red lipstick will definitely call attention to your lips and smile. 


Famous Red Lips




Thick brows vs thin brows

thicker brows

It is amazing what difference eyebrows can make to your appearance. A few tweaks here and a few tweaks there and you look like a completely different person. These days you can forget all about your tweezers and instead let your eyebrows grow in, as bushy, bold brows are back.  Okay maybe not bushy. lol

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